Bushwalking at Byfield Cabins.

Your Byfield experience will involve more uneven walking than your city stays , so please bring suitable bush shoes, sun protection and a hat.

Good, comfortable walking shoes are essential for bushwalking. Thongs and the like will not protect your feet from bites and will cause you to trip on tree roots and sticks.

You will see many native Grass Trees, Grevillea, Banksia, Wild Hibiscus and of course along the rainforest walk the Byfield Fern.

The wildlife at Byfield Cabins is wild but easily seen. Scrub Turkeys, Wompoo Pigeons, Blackstripe Wallabies, Agile Wallabies, Water Dragons, Lace monitors and Bandicoots.

You will also see many other critters while you relax on our bush track seats.

We recommend that you take a drink with you as there are many shaded seating areas where you can sit quietly and observe your surroundings and spot what’s hidden in plain sight.