Birdwatching at Byfield Cabins

Our 60 acre heavily wooded block at Byfield Cabins on Waterpark Creek is the home for many different Birds and native animals. Bird watching is a very relaxing and interesting pastime.

Be quiet and observant and you may see many varieties of birds.Examples are the Wompoo pigeons,Brown cuckoo dove,Emerald dove and the common bronze wing dove.The Rufous fantail is always busy down along the rainforest walk.You will often see little groups of Fairy wren flitting around in the undergrowth.More easily seen are the laughing Kookaburras and the Scrub turkeys which love to dig up the garden beds in search of grubs and worms.

The brightly coloured Lorikeets can be heard squabbling in the tree tops as they compete for the blossom.Also both black and white Cockatoos can be head as they crack the nuts on the She Oak.The noisy Friar is also very common.The unusual call of the Curlews can be a little off putting as they begin their evening activities.The Tawny Frogmouth has been sighted but he has excellent camouflage and is also nocturnal. There are many more which patient observation will discover so therefor be prepared to sit quietly and wait.